Leadership Team


Stephen "Steve" Lettic PhD


Dr. Stephen "Steve" Lettic has 24 years experience in law enforcement and law enforcement training that has given him insight to program development, standards, and evaluation. He is also a author, speaker, trainer, and college professor. He has presented keynote speeches, workshops, and seminars on law enforcement reform and law enforcement training as well as other topics nationally and internationally. Dr. Lettic has earned his Bachelor of Science in Law and Justice, Masters of Science degree in Industrial Psychology, and a Doctorate in Human Services. Dr. Lettic is passionate about public safety training and development!

Anthony Anderman, MSEd

Anthony Anderman, MSEd


Mr. Anthony (Tony) Anderman is an author, speaker, and trainer. Mr. Anderman has 20 years of experience in management, leadership, and team building, and he presents keynote speeches, workshops, and seminars on the topics nationally and internationally. Mr. Anderman’s accomplishments include the development of a 10-week Command College for the National Police Academy in Pakistan, and an Advanced Facilitation Course for Government of Sakhalin Island, Russia. Mr. Anderman performed as the Lead Curriculum Developer for the DARPA “SSIM” program designed to teach warfighters how to gain trust and respect of the Communities in which they served. His work helped educate Marines on Basic Human dynamics skills needed to overcome social barriers, regardless of Cultural differences. Mr. Anderman earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in Adult Education and Instructional Systems Design. Prior to his current career, he proudly served in the United States Marines.

Picture of Ryann Leonard, PhD

Ryann Leonard, PhD


Dr. Ryann Leonard is a college professor, instructor who has 15 years of experience in education, curriculum development, and communication of basic psychological and interpersonal research specifically applied to criminal justice systems. Dr. Leonard has published research related to bias in decision-making, social influences on behavior, and criminal justice procedure. Additionally, she has facilitated assessment and objectives development at both local and state levels. In terms of public safety, Dr. Leonard frequently trains with law enforcement. She has coordinated or assisted with many full-scale and table top exercises, provides actors to create realistic simulations, and provides feedback on behavioral influences during tactical response. Dr. Leonard serves on several state-wide and local task forces and boards with law, fire, and emergency management agencies. Dr. Leonard earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and a Master of Science and Doctorate in Philosophy in Psychology within the Legal System. 


Picture of Tonya Seaberry

Tonya Seaberry


Ms. Seaberry is a 20 year veteran of the Des Moines Police Department.  She is currently the Community Outreach Liaison for the Department and coordinates all community outreach programs.  In addition, she is former President of the Washington State Crime Prevention Association, a Professional Designated Crime Prevention through Environmental Design Reviewer, an ALICE Active Shooter Instructor and a RAD Basic Self Defense Instructor.

Picture of Al Ervin

Al Ervin

Mr. Ervin is a respected leader and administrator in the corrections field having served in the municipal corrections field for 17 years rounding out a public service career of more than 20 years. Mr. Ervin has developed and delivered several training courses, such as  having developed the corrections Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) for corrections officers as the a training coordinator, TAC Officer, for the Criminal Justice Training Commission (CJTC) where corrections officers, police officers, sheriff deputies, juvenile detention staff are trained.  He has also served as a defensive tactics (DT) instructor, Field Training Officer (FTO), Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT) member.  He continues to teach and facilitate leadership classes for CJTC and as a professor working for a local college teaching and mentoring future Corrections and Law Enforcment officers.  Mr. Ervin has proudly served in the United States Marines.

Picture of Marty Tucker

Martin "Marty" Tucker


Mr. Tucker is a Sergeant with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office. He has been a law enforcement Officer for 22 yrs working in many positions such as patrol, PTO, Detective, and Training Sergeant. Martin has been in the training unit since 2013 and has implemented adult based learning theories, Reality Based Training etc. into the Sheriff’s Office training. Martin oversees 50 instructors in 10 different areas of training. With the assistance of another Sergeant, Martin oversees a Field Training Officer (FTO) program of 20 FTOs. In 2018, Martin and several other key members of the Sheriff's Office, developed and implemented a pre-academy curriculum for newly hired deputies. Martin facilitates several classes, including Interactions and Perceptions, and a 40-hour Tactical Social Interaction class. In 1992, Martin earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with emphasis on Human Resource Management, from Eastern Washington University, Cheney WA.